Mobile Development

There are 4.68 billion mobile phones in world. And they are still growing. Having mobile development skills is becoming more and more essential. Be it Cross Platform development targeting all platforms or native development targeting individual platforms. Get train with us using different training tracks.

Web Development

Web Development is not new but technology to do the same thing is changed a lot. We are not reinventing the wheel but requirements around it changed with time. Learn the next generation technology like SAFE, MEAN, Http4S, Net Core etc with use using different training tracks.


Software industry do require soft skills along side with technical knowledge. Learn how to develop business or rapidly design web sites or mobile site with us with different training tracks.

Grab the Opportunity

Our goal is to provide a professional, top-quality software consultancy service to you. Whether it's providing development resource and expertise, architectural guidance, or training your existing team up with a specific technology or practice, we're interested in helping you.

About us

We at Fuzzy Cloud gauge our success by our customer's success. We regard it as a privilege to serve our customers and are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure they are 100 percent satisfied.

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