Solving Fuzzy Problems with Functional Cloud

At Fuzzy Cloud, we build software from cloud to mobile which are beautiful, reliable and on which we can proud of.

Our services

Software Consulting

We partnered with your team and work to bring incremental changes in your code.


We design simple, elegant, tailored user interaction for web, mobile and others.

Software Development Training

We teach new software concepts like Distributed System, DevOps, Automation, Functional Programming and Cloud etc. specifically designed for your team's daily requirements.


We will build, launch and maintain your product along side with your growing business.

From the blog

Getting started with Flutter

13 March 2018

Flutter provides you library for crafting high-quality native looking interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code as well, and it is used by developers and organizations around the world. Even though it is still in alpha but that doesn’t stops anyone adopting it.

Epic Adventure Using F#

17 July 2017

Many people heard of it but few lucky get chance to read it. Or even fewer know thing in detail about it. As per global source of truth Wikipedia It is “longest poem ever written” in human history. It has around 1.8 million words in total. It is roughly 10 times the length of Iliad and Odyseey combined.

Why Remote Working is Important Specially in India ??

02 August 2017

India is fast growing country and people are looking forward to their growth in terms of monetary value and stability to pace with other people in country and world too. To survive in this fast growing economy where technology and challenges go hand in hand, one needs to run along with.