About Us

Why We are Different

Our team works on the latest innovations to make products scalable, fast, and secure.

We begin our project by taking all the details and understanding and what you want. This helps us in building strategic solutions to your problems and makes your work easier. We involve our clients by taking their feedback at each stage until the design of your project is finalized. We believe in customer satisfaction, the objective behind all our hard work and ideas is the client’s success and satisfaction. We follow all your requirements to meet your objective and maintaina report during the development process. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients to achieve their goals and visions

Our unique choice in technologies and approach to software development makes the product that can be used with less maintenance and can save your money. We assign each project to a professional c-level coder to make sure our team meets your exact requirements. We aim to build up the business growth of our clients with inventive design, development, high quality,and authentic services .

Why Choose Us

At fuzzy cloud, we provide our best services to our clients which benefits them and helps them to speed up their work. We are a team of Software Developers, Designers, Marketers all working under the same team. We believe in the quality of products and bring out the best with the help of our team with strong management and communication with our clients. We create a budget and timeline based on the project details and assure the best quality of service in the given time.

What You Get

We design and sell web-based applications based on machine learning applications, scalable web applications, and cross-platform mobile applications through our websites. Our primary goal is to provide excellent software services to you. We provide quality assurance to our clients and give services like software consulting, web application development, help-desk support to our customers. We are always there to help you to provide our best services which make your work effortless.

Meet The Energy

We at fuzzy cloud are committed to deliver the best services and execute projects with a true partnership spirit to satisfy our customer’s expectations by putting them first. We focus on innovation and working with different technologies like Angular, React, Rust, Node, ionic, and many more. We build reliable products that your business can trust. The growth of our company is driven by our passion and strong commitments to our work.



Kunjan Dalal


He is having 11+ years of experience in Software Development. His expertise is in Cloud Programming, Cross-Platform mobile development, Machine Learning and distributed systems. He is OSS contributor, speaker, expert member in SS.


Manali Dalal

Design Consultant

She is also handling multiple projects with the company, starting from project management to branding of the product.


Dweep Kalariya

Frontend Guru

He is having 11+ years with big consulting companies.Be it WPF or angular, where there is question of large scale frontend project, is he the answer.


Riccardo Terrell

Affiliated Consultant

He is Microsoft MVP and author of two books. He is functional programming and distributed system expert.


Our goal is to provide a professional, top-quality software consultancy service to you. Whether it's providing development resource and expertise, architectural guidance, or training your existing team up with a specific technology or practice, we're interested in helping you.

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