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Angular 1 was good, very good specifically in its timezone. But after that they lost control on versioning and I lost control on Angular. I did port Angular 1.0 to 2.0 which was kind of weird experience because both are completely different. While 1.0 is old school two way binding stuff; 2.0 was more of react rip off or catching up with react. But it reach 7.0 (that was fast) , after a long time I was reading announcement blog and amazed the with progress angular made. Specifically how they joining force with NativeScript. NativeScript allows use of Angular since ages but the ways code sharing is happening now; was never there before. There is a whole blog about it here. Two things is here to stay, SPA and mobile application (android and iOS both). For the application suitable for a single page application in most cases it also suitable for a mobile application. Most of the time people just put SPA in mobile using Cordova/ phonegap and hope that things just works. It did work for a start but soon you gonna miss native performance. Here there are many option to create Native application, Native Script is one of them, I will not go in to the other options, but current integration of Angular and Native Script provide a wonderful opportunity for Green and Brown Field projects to add Native Mobile App support to SPA. It is having around 70% code sharing between angular and NS. Trust me that is not bad at all, look at it this way 70% code share means you are saving 70% of project time. That is equivalent to saving 70% of project budget. Native Script was slow, but again it was. It is quite fast as of now, almost inline with Xamarin Forms or React Native. So, this is kind of best of both world and a option one should not miss if they are working in or looking into Angular. Looking for help regarding this? Reach us out at FuzzyCloud .

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