Agri Tech: Transforming Indian Agriculture with Technology


Agri Tech is an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing Indian agriculture through the strategic use oftechnology. By leveraging digital solutions, Agri Tech seeks to enhance productivity, improve farmer livelihoods,and contribute significantly to India’s economy. In this case study, we delve into the key aspects of Agri Tech’sdevelopment, including its technology stack, architectural decisions, challenges faced, and achievements.

Technology Stack

Agri Tech utilizes a robust technology stack to build a reliable and efficient platform. Here are the keycomponents:

React : The front-end framework for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

Typescript : A statically typed superset of JavaScript that enhances code quality and maintainability.

Firebase : A comprehensive platform for building web and mobile applications, including authentication, real-time database (Firestore), and hosting.

Tanstack router : A lightweight and flexible routing library for managing navigation within the application.

Chakraui : A UI component library that streamlines the design and development process.

Felte : A form handling library that simplifies form validation and submission.

Zod : A type-safe validation library for ensuring data integrity.

Jotai : A state management library that provides a simple and scalable solution for managing applicationstate.

React-fire : A set of hooks for integrating Firebase services seamlessly into React applications.

Engine Separation Strategy

Agri Tech follows a clear separation of concerns to ensure maintainability and scalability. Here’s how the engine isseparated from the rest of the application:

Components : The application is organized into reusable components, promoting a component-basedarchitecture.

Features : Each feature (e.g., worker details, manager details, stock details) resides in its own folder,encapsulating related functionality.

Routes : Separate route files define routes for each feature, ensuring modularity and easy navigation.

Types : Necessary types are defined in a dedicated folder, promoting type safety and consistency.

Architectural Overview

Agri Tech’s architecture adheres to the following principles:

Modularity : Features are isolated, allowing for independent development and testing.

Scalability : The architecture accommodates future enhancements without disrupting existing functionality.

Real-time Communication : Firestore enables real-time data synchronization, crucial for payment updates between owner, manager, and worker.

Codebase Highlights

Agri Tech showcases innovative coding practices:

Real-time Payment System : Implementing a seamless payment flow across different user roles (owner,manager, worker) required careful synchronization and handling of real-time updates.

Stock Management : Efficiently managing stock for multiple products involved robust data structures andoptimized queries.

Integration Points

Agri Tech integrates with various components:

Firestore : Real-time database for storing payment and stock data.

React-fire hooks : Facilitate communication with Firestore for CRUD operations.

Challenges and Solutions

Agri Tech encountered challenges related to stock management and multi-party payments. Solutions included:

Stock : Implementing a scalable stock management system that accounts for various products and quantities.

Payments : Ensuring seamless payment processing between owner, manager, and worker, reflecting real-time changes.


Agri Tech’s technical outcomes include:

Real-time Reflection : Users experience real-time updates for payments and stock changes.

Multi-Role Login : Owners and managers access payment history and stock management features.

Key Learnings

Throughout Agri Tech’s development, the team learned valuable lessons about architecture, real-timecommunication, and user-centric design.


Agri Tech stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in agriculture. By addressing criticalpain points and leveraging cutting-edge tools, Agri Tech contributes to a more efficient and sustainable farmingecosystem in India.

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