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Nativescript & angular Training:

The NativeScript core team works with the Angular team at Google to ensure NativeScript and Angular are seamlessly integrated. If you know Angular, you’re already ready to develop amazing native mobile apps with NativeScript.

NativeScript Playground is a browser-based environment for getting started with NativeScript fast. Playground offers a set of comprehensive tutorials that walk you through building a real-world iOS and Android app from scratch.

Once you have the basics of NativeScript down in Playground, you need to set up a local development environment that lets you build and test your apps locally.

NativeScript UI is a set of free* components that enable implementing rich-ui applications for iOS and Android by using NativeScript.

The Angular and NativeScript teams teamed up to create nativescript-schematics, a schematic collection that enables you to build both web and mobile apps from a single project.

A NativeScript plugin is any npm package, published or not, that exposes a native API via JavaScript

Angular apps are modular and Angular has its own modularity system called NgModules. NgModules are containers for a cohesive block of code dedicated to an application domain, a workflow, or a closely related set of capabilities. They can contain components, service providers, and other code files whose scope is defined by the containing NgModule. They can import functionality that is exported from other NgModules, and export selected functionality for use by other NgModules.

A component controls a patch of screen called a view.You define a components application logic—what it does to support the view—inside a class. The class interacts with the view through an API of properties and methods.

Service is a broad category encompassing any value, function, or feature that an app needs. A service is typically a class with a narrow, well-defined purpose. It should do something specific and do it well. A component can delegate certain tasks to services, such as fetching data from the server, validating user input, or logging directly to the console. By defining such processing tasks in an injectable service class, you make those tasks available to any component. You can also make your app more adaptable by injecting different providers of the same kind of service, as appropriate in different circumstances. Angular does not enforce these principles. Angular does help you follow these principles by making it easy to factor your application logic into services and make those services available to components through dependency injection.

Here we cover all forms like ReactiveForms , Template Driven Form , Form Validation and Dynamic Form

Observables provide support for passing messages between publishers and subscribers in your application. Observables offer significant benefits over other techniques for event handling, asynchronous programming, and handling multiple values.

The browser is a familiar model of application navigation , 1 .Enter a URL in the address bar and the browser navigates to a corresponding page.2. Click links on the page and the browser navigates to a new page. 3. Click the browsers back and forward buttons and the browser navigates backward and forward through the history of pages you have seen.

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