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F# Training:

Fast track your way to benefitting from functional programming and F# in this intensive and engaging two day F# training course. Gain proficiency in the fundamentals of functional programming techniques and learn how to write applications in F# that take advantage of the features that F# is renowned for, including rapid development, excellent domain modelling and improved correctness.

Functional programming is a style of programming that emphasizes the use of functions and immutable data. Typed functional programming is when functional programming is combined with static types, such as with F#.

Asynchronous programming is a mechanism that is essential to modern applications for diverse reasons.Presenting a server process that can service a significant number of concurrent incoming requests, while minimizing the system resources occupied while request processing awaits inputs from systems or services external to that process Maintaining a responsive UI or main thread while concurrently progressing background work

An F# type provider is a component that provides types, properties, and methods for use in your program. Type Providers generate what are known as Provided Types, which are generated by the F# compiler and are based on an external data source.

F# Interactive (dotnet fsi) is used to run F# code interactively at the console, or to execute F# scripts. In other words, F# interactive executes a REPL (Read, Evaluate, Print Loop) for the F# language. To run F# Interactive from the console, run dotnet fsi. You will find dotnet fsi in any .NET SDK.

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